3 Tips to Resolution Success

So it’s about that time… You’ve made your resolutions and some of us are starting to waver. I say this because THIS WAS ME! I always chose massive resolutions that eventually became a resentment. It finally hit me:

“To set successful resolutions, I had to start with where I was at!”

Here is what that means. Setting a goal that I was going to run 3 miles a day wasn’t being realistic with where I currently stood. To run 3 miles a day, I had to first start by walking out my door. From there, I was able to build on where I was at, to be where I wanted to end up.

So without further to do, I give you:


  1. Get Organized

Before you can make any sort of goal, you have to do an analysis of where you are at, and where you want to go. This will look different for everyone. Here are a few organization options!

A. Get a planner – Write it down so you can see your goals and plan backwards towards your goal.

B. Use a journal – Get your thoughts/dreams/goals down on paper so you can go back to why you started in the first place.

C . Voice Memo – Talk it out! If you need to talk out your thoughts, use your phone’s voice memo system. You can always go back and listen to your journey.

D. Get an App – No matter what phone you have there are apps for that. Whatever way you need to stay organized, you can find it in an app! Just start now.

The goal here is to shed light on how easy the first step to keeping your resolutions are, and how you can cater it to YOU!

2. Relax!

Fact: Stress will never bring relaxation. Stress is one of the most under-rated, life-sucker out there. To keep your resolutions, make having less stressful life one of them. It is the key to most any resolution you make, especially weight loss!

“Everyone will learn to relax differently. It’s important that you find what relaxes YOU.”

Here are some options to consider.

A. Exercise – It doesn’t have to be agonizing. You just have to find what you enjoy. I hate running, but I love to walk. Grab your hand weights and go! A few other ways I like to exercise would be: Pure Barre; Trampoline; Hot Yoga; Wii; Boxing

B. Sleep – By adding 1-2 more hours of sleep, you could also be cutting your waistline. Seriously! Sleep helps the body’s metabolism. If you want any chance at a better you, you have to give yourself sleep. Do yourself a favor. Get. More. Sleep.

C. Meditate – This doesn’t have to be weird or awkward, meditation is taking the time to focus and calm the mind. It’s purposed time for YOU. Take 10 seconds, 3 times a day to silence your mind and focus on you. You’ll be amazed at the results. (There are apps that will interrupt your day and give you the opportunity to take 10 seconds for yourself. If you don’t want an app, set an alarm on your phone and then start a 10 second countdown. You’ll thank me later!)

“Whatever you choose to do, make sure YOU enjoy it and YOU benefit from it.”

3. Be Realistic

A. One Change At A Time – Instead of changing everything at once, make changes, with an end date, that you can accomplish. Cut calories in a healthy way (after speaking with Dr./Dietician) that won’t leave you crashing in the afternoon. Cut out one piece of junk food a day, or one less sugary/carb heavy beverage. There are so many small changes you can make that will make a world of change.

B. Get Moving – I get it, you hate running, so start walking instead of going straight to running. Walk your neighbors dog, or take the stairs! If you have to park somewhere, try finding the parking spot farthest away from the door and walk. You will be amazed at the extra calories you burn without even noticing.

C. Find what Drives You – If a dream board with your favorite places in the world will drive you to save one more dollar/not buy another Starbucks latte, then do it! Create your dream board and put it in a place you will see Every. Day.

I touched on this earlier, but when you make your goals DREAM BIG, but don’t forget that:

“The goals you set are stepping stones to your ultimate Dream.”

Goals take time to achieve. Just because you don’t lost 10lbs in 7 days, or fall behind on that “I’m going to Paris” fund, doesn’t mean you’ve failed! It means you need to go back to the drawing board, evaluate your mis-steps, and set another goal. You can do this.

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me. Let me know what you think and i’ll be chatting with you soon.

All the love,

xxx Coryn

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