Hello Love,

Welcome to The Art Of Elegance!

My name is Coryn, and I can’t wait to get to know YOU! THANK YOU for taking time to visit. This website was created with you specifically in mind. Women all over the world will have the opportunity to connect and be showcased as they pursue becoming the best version of themselves and lifting up the women around them.

What will I see on The Art Of Elegance?

The Art of Elegance is a Life-Style website that comes along side women on their journeys seeking:
Individual Style -over- Trendy Fashion
Inspired Business -over- Chaotic Norms
Empowered Truth -over- Misguided Thoughts
Purposed Life -over- Lost Time

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“Together, Let’s create legacies, support the women around us, and be transformed by The Art of Elegance.”


A publication to connect and explore women who are living their lives/dreams empowering the women around them. Showcasing women living their lives in elegance will not only be putting their words on paper, but giving women a visual snapshot of their answers captured, specifically through photos. It’s easy to build an empire, but what if we chose to build a legacy instead? It’s time we chose to elevate the women who are choosing to build legacies for the women of today and for the women of tomorrow. I believe the beauty of a woman emanates from the inside out, but the presence of a woman is captured in the way she lives her life.

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